Puliyoor Herbal Oil


This is a traditional mix of leaves, roots, seeds, flowers and stems of selected medicinal plants. The main solvent is boiled (virgin) coconut oil. Puliyoor Herbal Oil is a nourishment for brain nerves and it reduces giddiness of head by the continuous use of mobile phone, computer etc. This is a nourishment for eyes and ears also. Traditional doze of this Puliyoor Herbal Oil is 600ml i.e, 6 months’ doze for a person. The product is available anywhere via courier service.

Buy 100ml of Puliyoor Herbal Oil for Rs. 230 excluding shipping charges.



It is an up-dated firm of Murukavilsom Vaidyasala, founded by his father. ‘Puliyoor Herbal Oil’ is a popular product of this herbal centre. This is a special and traditional combination of his family and was an effective medicine for Sinusitis, Dust allergy, Dandruff, Hairfall, Sneezing, Vertigo, Untimely Greying, Sleeplessness, and also it promotes hair-growth. The easy factor of this Herbal Oil is its mode of usage. It is only for external application; not an intake one. So all people can try it and have a good result. To continue his great tradition of Ayurveda, with an ardent wish and blessings of his father, he has undertaken this venture of Pharmacology and now it has become a favourite product of thousands suffering with the problems abovesaid. When it is applied in prescribed quantity upon head before bath, it makes a ‘Scientific and Clinically proved Magic’ in reducing the ailments. The result of this Headcare Herbal Oil is surprising.

Due to all pollution in atmosphere, and also due to unhealthy way of life, the problems of Sinusitis, Sneezing, Hairfall, Dandruff etc. has become a common threat to the people. So popularizing this product is really a service to the society. Taking only a minimum cost as its production cost and making it available for all is a mission of Girish Puliyoor to extend his great tradition to the coming generations. BAMS doctors are Supervising and manufacturing this product. Girish Puliyoor also is an expert in making medicines as he had been assisting his father for more than thirty years in making and packing a number of traditional medical combinations. Being an ayurveda expert means being a real friend of nature. So, a blend of poetry and ayurveda is quite natural and fruitful. All combinations in ayurveda are written in beautiful slokas (poems) that naturally makes a student acquainted with beautiful symbols and rhythm of language. So in his experience, his ayurveda physician-father made him a poet, singing hundreds of ‘medicine songs’ and revealing their beautiful hidden meanings. Connecting tradition with updated knowledge is a mission of his life.

Puliyoor Knowledge Centre:

Not only health but all achievements of mankind are stored well in terms of knowledges. So, that it should be a great service to the coming generations if a centre to collect, keep and study all traditional knowledges is instituted. Girish Puliyoor is now to submit a genuine project on this and is eager for being a seeker of knowledge.